Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Progress #2 - Another Pitum Haketoret

After my first work, I had to write a second Pitum Haketoret because my father needed one. The hand-writing is much nicer and finer than the first one, but I had to correct a few mistakes here and there, so there's minor scrapping. And I commited the capital sin of a Sofer - I accidentaly dropped water on it, which causes irreversable damage. Luckily, it fell in the bottom of the Klaf and I just cut it off.

Like the first, this one is big - 42 lines, just like a Sefer Torah. Most people have pocket-sized Pitum Haketoret today, since it's easier to carry, but I much prefer it big. The rabbis say that it's a very big Segula for Parnassah to say this every day, so I figured that the bigger the Pitum Haketoret is the more $ you will get!

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Tammy said...

yk, i'm so proud of you! it looks great !! make one for us too... beijos... tg