Sunday, September 1, 2019

Instagram's Sofer Stam

When I started blogging about Safrut years back, my goal was to provide authentic content at a time when almost all resources where from scribes not identified with Orthodox Judaism (see my very first post here).

Fast forward today, and Boruch Hashem there have been so many new platforms and websites created specifically for sofrim, and therefore it's not hard to find information about St"am now.

Additionally, people are looking less at blogs and more at social media - that's where people, specially youngsters, search and discover new interests. Here again, I have observed that on today's most popular destination -Instagram - there's a lack of users showcasing authentic Safrut to those who look for an inside look in our craft. In fact, most Sofrim will shun social media even as they use Internet with filters, which is what is acceptable today in Haredi circles. Instagram is not okayed, so when I look for Safrut related content, I'm finding Ktav Ashurit tatoos (!), or messianic stuff, but not the real deal.

So I decided to open an Instagram profile and I will occasionally post some content, in a shorter format than this blog and with a focus on visuals. And I do this solely for Yagdil Torah VeYadir.

My Sefer Torah has been pretty much on hold as I'm focused in wrapping up my first Daf Yomi cycle in a few months, but after that I ii"H hope to have some more time to coninue my quest of completing my own Sefer Torah.

Without further ado, my Instagram handle is @soferlavlor and the link is HERE.

Wishing everyone a Ksiva Vhatima Tova.