Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beware of False Mezuzot

While watching TorahLive's Mezuza DVD (see previous post), I was intrigued to hear about a story of false Mezuzot in the Bank of Israel building. Although this is an old story I had never heard of it so I did some further research.
I'm reposting an article published by The Word of Stam blog (by the way, there are many good Safrut blogs popping up in the web lately and I will eventually link them all here).

TorahLive - Mezuza

The other day I saw this DVD in the local Judaica store - a Mezuza DVD presentation. I happen to know the person behind it, Rabbi Roth, and after I bought and watched the whole DVD I really wanted to help spread the word about this project.

In today's day and age, the youngsters have become used to computers, internet and DVDs and Rabbi Roth realized that it was important to come up with a way to deliver Torah study in this medium. TorahLive has a few titles already and I must say that the Mezuza DVD is really very well done. The visuals are crucial for understanding the Laws of Mezuza and this DVD let's you see 3D demos and also a great video showing how Klafim are made.

There are two editions of this DVD - home and professional. I recommend the professional edition as you don't want to miss the cool extras.

Below you can see the preview of this DVD and also Sir Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' recommendation.
You can purchase the DVD via Amazon - click here (note: I have absolutely no affiliation with TorahLive nor gain anything from this! It's just a great idea I want to share)

Mezuzah Overview from Dan Roth on Vimeo.

Chief Rabbi speaking for Torah Live from Dan Roth on Vimeo.