Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amazing Megillot #2 - The Agam Meggilla

I saw this one in the website of the Library of Congress. I've seen other works by Agam but never a Holy Book and this Megilla really stands out because of the cool visual effects that Agam's trademark. Here's the Library's official description:
"The Agam Megillah (London and Israel, 1997). A recent addition to the Library's Hebraic collections is a modern decorated megillah by noted Israeli artist Ya'akov Agam. Produced on parchment measuring thirty-two inches high, the limited edition includes a silk-screened border by the artist, with the text handwritten by the scribe. In this megillah, the traditional text is adorned with distinctly modern decorative artwork. (Copyright © 2001 Artists Rights Society [ars], New York/adagp, Paris)"

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