Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amazing Megillot #7: Iraqi Esther Scroll

I came across this beautiful Esther Scroll from Iraq. It's a very special piece, with symmetric motifs and splendid coloring. Written in Veilish, the Sephardi version of Ktav Ashurit.
Full disclosure:

Esther Scroll

Published References: The Jewish Museum. THE JEWISH MUSEUM AT 75. Commemorative album. New York: The Jewish Museum, New York, 1980, Color ill.


ariel@israel said...

i am very surprised to see pictures in there- usually we never use images of people in our religious tradition...can you give your comment on this please?ty

YK said...


There's such halacha but specially in Meggilat Esther is really common to see these kind of pictures. I think I even posted in the past a Megilla featuring the bust of a woman - there are many secular artists that produced high-profile Megillot throughout the years.


ariel@israel said...

got it, ty))

Roman | said...

Thanks for a few nice words..