Monday, May 23, 2016

Line skipped - scraping needed

It has been a difficult season for my writing - I somehow made a few mistakes I never do.

One mistake involves a Shem written in the wrong place, but I will leave that for another post. That was very stressful and I still have to find the solution for that.

Here you have pictures of another mistake I made - I skipped a line, forcing me to erase some six lines in order to write it correctly. I'm many things but I'm weak at erasing, and I really don't enjoy erasing nice letters and words which were written well but in the wrong place...
But I prefer to take care of things on my own, and here is the partial result. I will post another picture when it's finished - it will look better then.


Liebel Schlesinger said...

I note that you left the lamed of 'al' in place, I assume because there needs to be there a lamed anyway.
However, if this is true, you've done a grave mistake, because the lamed was written not as 'kodesh', you need to erase it and rewrite it kodesh as part of 'elokim'.

YK said...


You are correct but I will erase the Lamed a little more when I write the Shem. It doesn't needs to completely erased, but mostly erased until it loses the tzurat haot. That's how I was taught. You agree?

Tim Puzak said...

I just came across this blog...outstanding! Much of my free time is spent reading fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls. I also considered writing a Torah scroll based on what I have learned from the DSS, maintaining some of the older spellings and other variants. After reading your excellent blog, perhaps my endeavor would be best left to a younger man!
It is not uncommon to see words forgotten from the scrolls and then later added in. Also, not uncommon, is the necessity to scratch or remove words from the parchment. I will be following your blog and progress with great anticipation.

YK said...

Thanks for stopping by. I would be happy to receive your research info in regards to the variant spellings and I would include them in future posts here in this blog.
I'm moving quite slow in my writing as I currently have very limited time available for this project however this is a long term project and I would appreciate your knowledge about the spellings of the DSS.
While will follow the current mesora of my teachers in this scroll, I nevertheless think it's important to be aware of the differing opinions on this topic.