Thursday, May 15, 2014

My progress: Parshat Bereishit is done!

Today is BH a special day for me as I finished the first Parsha of my Sefer Torah - parshat Bereishit. I never thought I would actually start my own Torah but this is happening! It's important to celebrate this milestone. 

It took me a long time to write it, something like six months, as I have prioritized Daf Yomi but the most important thing is that the project is moving. Moving slow, but moving. 

I will post pictures of all the amudim soon. I BH had very few mistakes and typos - I guess that's one advantage of writing slow. In terms of the quality of my ktav, I'm still not 100% happy with the beauty of the letters, and I'm having difficulty perfecting my Tzadi. 

Also, I twice mispelled the word ויולד, omitting the second Vav. For some reason in my head, unconsciously, the right way to spell it is וילד, which sounds more like the right verb. But I'm wrong and I had to pay special attention at it since this word is recurring in the end of the Parsha. 

In this rithym it will take me a few years, perhaps six, to complete my Torah Scroll but as you see in the picture I'm young and patient. We will get there iiH. 


Zev said...

Being a sofer is like being an artist. Its a way of enacting Torah, something holy, in a unique way. Aside from the goal of having another sefer Torah in the world, its a meditation in its own right. Like the best art. Which is really prayer in another form.

YK said...


The challenge is for professional full-time sofrim to realize that - their day to day struggles can make it really hard to write every work with this approach.


ari k. said...

you better write quicker before the robot catches up :)

YK said...

Great link !
And the comments there are really funny
yaakov doe Says: I assume it's kosher for a minyon of robots who recite their tefillah

OneDay said...

DO you always write with tefillin on?

YK said...

Actually never, just that time since it was after I davened. I don't think there's an inyan