Monday, February 6, 2012

Damaged Mezuza

Here's some pictures of a damaged Mezuza. It was placed in the outside entrance of my in-laws' house.
It got dried and burned as a result of the direct exposure to the sun. (Update: as noted in the comments, the differeing colors suggest that it was actually damaged by moisture). Bottom line: keep Mezuzot away from direct sun light (and moisture!)!


Anonymous said...

This mezuzah was not damaged by the sun. It got wet - probably rain water. You can tell that the bottom was soaking wet by the color change of the klaf and by the slight shrinking of the klaf.

YK said...

You are correct. I double checked with an expert Sofer who deals with damaged Mezuzot and he confirmed that the klaf did get dried by the sun, but he also said the the moisture was the biggest catalyst.