Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Progress #7: 2nd Mezuza is reviewed by expert sofer..

... and it's 100% kosher! The sofer who checks my works is VERY attentive and is known for seeing what no one else sees. For many he is just always making up problems but that's specifically why I like him: he really does his job well, regardless if you will like it or not.

Here are two issues he raised about my 2nd Mezuza:
  • In the word Deganecha, the Gimel's right leg doesn't comes lower than the left side ("gimel's yud") - both legs are leveled and that's not optimal. Solution: Make the right leg bigger and there's no problem of Kesidran (Mezuza cannot be fixed after it's finished) because this is not a fix, only a hiddur.
  • In the word Besadecha, the lamed in the next line is coming inside the Daled slightly. There's a potential issue with that because the Daled could look like a Hey, as the only difference between these two letter (Daled and Hey) is the little dot in the bottom-left side. Solution: This is not a major problem since what's coming inside the Daled is not the actual Lamed but the Lamed's Tag, therefore it's fixable. There are tow possible solutions: either make the Daled's leg a bit shorter, so the Tag of Lamed will not be inside of the Daled; or erase a bit of the Lamed's Tag - i.e. make it smaller. The latter solution is preferable since it's always better to touch a tag instead of the actual letter. (note the small Tag in the Beit next to the Lamed - I did that to avoid having the Tag coming into the Chaf)


Aaron Shaffier said...

Regarding the issue with the lamed entering into the Chof Sofit...

If you choose option #2 (to scrape away from the tag) you must be very, very careful to scrape from above to below. This is because if you were to sever a portion of the tag and leave it hanging, it may totally posul the Mezuzah. There are opinions which hold that even a nekudah kol shehu (a small dot) is enough to make a dalet into a heh (if it is free standing and not connected to another letter).

When I fix something like this, I usually do it if 4 steps:

First scrape away a bit of the foot of the dalet. (This will ensure that the next steps are completely safe)

Second, scrape away the tag of the lamed together with a bit of the thickness of the head.

Third, put a new tag on the now thinner head of the lamed.

Fourth lengthen the foot of the dalet carefully to its full length being careful that no part of the tag is inside.

I wish you much success in your work!

YK said...


Very well said, my teacher told me the same.

We agreed that in this case it was best to only erase the Lamed's Tag from up to down and not touch the Daled, since it's always better to refrain from touching the actual letters if you don't have to.


Yerachmiel Askotzky said...

To say that a tag that goes into a Dalet can be fixed is misleading. It depends on how deep it goes in, how thick and where it goes in and the status should be determined by a posek or experienced magia.

With regards to your comment that it is only a hiddur for (preferably) the right leg to be longer than the left leg please see the Mishna Brura/Biur Halacha. Mikdash Me'at. You'll see that, at best, it is bedieved until corrected.

Yerachmiel Askotzky said...

My 2nd comment above refers to the Gimmel.

Yerachmiel Askotzky said...

I'd also suggest that you make the leg of the chaf peshuta a little longer so it is "kiflayim" the length of the head.