Saturday, December 12, 2009

World's Smallest Torah Scroll

Shuki Freiman is one of my favorite judaica artist and his latest project was the development of this alleged smallest Sefer Torah, along with the special Etz Haim and Aron Kodesh.

Shuki's style is traditional, yet he always manages to differentiate himself from everyone else. For those of you visiting Jerusalem, he has a new shop in the popular Mamila mall, featuring many of his most special works, including this revolutionary Seder plate.

According to what I can see in the video, the Sefer Torah's ktav is Ashkenazi, possibly Arizal but I can't see too well (too small..!), and it's quite nice for such small Torah. The gaps in the top and bottom of the Klaf are rather too small, but it was done like that to make the Torah as small as possible, more specifically, 4.3 centimeters in width.

Shuki is today a very expensive artist and I can only begin to imagine what he's asking for the Torah. My guess is U$450,000, but the sky is the limit for these kind of things.


tefillin rabbi said...

Shuki surely makes very beautiful silver Judaica, which I've seen in the making. However, he is extremely expensive. There are other famous, silversmiths who also make miniature Torah rollers, crowns, aron kodesh and more of comparable beauty and quality and who are much more affordable. Check out some of their work at

Anonymous said...

That sefer torah is amazing!! being very knowledgeable in the mezuzah area myself I'm amazed at the size and beauty of that torah scroll