Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazing Megillot #4 - Papercut on Red Leather

This is a very special and contemporary Megillat Esther made by a personal frien, Uri Revach.

It's hard to do papercut in a Megilla since the Megilla becomes too delicate and thus hard to handle. Aside from this, the papercut work hardly gets its full value since there's nothing behind it - no contrast.

So this artist came up with a solution - he stuck the Megilla in red leather, enhancing the papercut work and also giving to the Megilla a "royalty" feel. He also made the case, which is made out of wood, silver, gold and ivory. All in all, a true masterpiece.

Price upon request.


Bgg said...

Stunning. I'd love to see more pics. If it's still for sale I might be interested. What are the halachic implications of delibirately cutting the klaf outside of the columns? I have learned that while the decorated megillahs are kosher (assuming the ksav was done k'hilchasa), lechatchila one should not do so. It's been quite a few years since learning this and I don't remember the source.
Thanks, and great blog.

YK said...


Sorry for the late response, I was on the road.

I will try to reach the artist to get info about availability.

In regards to the Megilla decorations, I haven't seen much Halacha responses about this practice. I will look into it. But the fact is that it has always been a very common practice.


YK said...


Spoke with the artist and it's available. I don't make money from this, so feel free to contact him directly:
urirevah @